Never search for that client password again!

Seculent is a simple, reliable and safe application to store your client passwords and other sensitive data. You will never have to search through your e-mails or Skype conversations to find that forgotten password from six months ago again!


AES Encrypted, unreadable for 3rd parties

Keep the data between you and your client.

Storing passwords in an Excel sheet, plain text file or even keeping them in Dropbox is a huge security risk. You never know who is listening in or analysing your data.
Seculent encrypts your data as soon as you release a key on your keyboard. Your encrypted data can be only opened with a key which only you have.

SMS the passwords and credentials when the project’s ready

Let your clients know you mean business.

Seculent provides an SMS service – for the best possible security and convenience. Your client will receive an e-mail with a protected link and an text message with a key to his mobile phone to open the link.
You can be sure that the password is only read by the intended recipient, who can access their passwords or data now and anytime in the future.

Start keeping your client passwords safe & organized now!

Windows (5Mb) | (Mac app coming soon)