Our Services

Avisioned is a small team of experienced web & native developers who provide a range of professional services – web design, development, research – anything your project may need. We grow our customers’ brands with technology & best design practices.



Mobile apps & Mobile-first websites

Most of your internet traffic is generated by mobile users. The websites we create are responsive, but often times an online application which is designed for mobile use only creates better user experience. Our online apps are designed to use the least amount of device resources. With clever techniques, the user will soon forget that he is not using an app installed on their phone. Online mobile apps offer a significant development speed and cost benefits over native code. Some of our clients choose to focus the mobile segment only. Please contact us, descirbe your project idea and learn which solution is the best for you.


We design and develop custom websites that best communicate your company’s values and identity. Avisioned delivers modern, eye-catching websites with the functionality and advanced programming to provide leads, clients and revenues. We follow best design practices, persuasive user interface techniques and implement calls to action that drive customers to buy, register or share a product.

Facebook apps

Did you know that Facebook has over 1.44 billion users, and the social network is growing every day? It is a place you don’t want to miss. Although people on Facebook are generally not interested in sales, it is important to build a fan base and keep in touch with your clients and fans. Facebook is a place where people come to have fun and reconnect with friends. Our Facebook apps nail that, growing your fan base.

Native code development

Native code means program code which works with the shortest, most efficient route to the hardware layer. Native code programming cannot be used everywhere, but it is perfect for specialised projects with critical performance and executing program tasks that must not or cannot depend on 3rd party library or a framework.  Our experts delivered our clients with amazing results in these fields:


Our realtime playback manipulation software has halved the production costs and became an integral part of the Wipeout TV reality show series Media 5’s production flow. The show aired worldwide and was a huge success.

Desktop & mobile apps

Sometimes you need to think offline; you want your app listed in the app store or monetize proprietary idea. In such situations, online app just cannot deliver. We develop native applications. Avisioned team stands behind DSPlayer, a popular multimedia playback software.


Your clients don’t like waiting. With Avisioned hosting, your project will get a speed boost that will retain more visitors. Our advanced cloud server located in Ireland & connected directly to the internet spine is the ideal platform for your app.

VIP Hosting

Our VIP hosting exclusive to Avisioned clients runs on the best available hardware with solid state drives for maimum performance. All data is mirrored and backed up regularly. It goes without saying that the cloud servers are power surge & blackout protected.

Avisioned supports learning with Avisioned student webhotel programme.


Releasing a new website is only just the beginning. We offer premium support to take care of keeping your website up to date with new content and compatibility updates. You can always update your website yourself for free, however if you may require assistance, you can get phone / e-mail support at a premium.